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Cover, Abstract, Preface
Part I, Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Part II, Chapter IV
Chapter V
Chapter VI
Part III, Chapter VII
Chapter VIII
Chapter IX
Conclusion, Bibliography

Marx & Heidegger

"Marxian Hermeneutics and Heideggerian Social Theory: 

Interpreting and Transforming Our World

by Gerry Stahl

Ph.D. Dissertation, Department of Philosophy, Northwestern University, 1975


version for printing [thesis.pdf 3.5 megabytes]




Part I: Interpreting Marx and Heidegger in our World

Chapter I: The Alternative of Marx and Heidegger

Chapter II: Heidegger's Critique of Marx

Chapter III: The Marxist Critique of Heidegger

Part II: Karl Marx: Ideology Critique as Interpretation and Transformation of the World

Chapter IV: Anticipations: The Early Works

Chapter V: Research: The Grundrisse

Chapter VI: Presentation: Capital

Part III: Martin Heidegger: Meta-ontology as Interpretation and Transformation of the World

Transitional Remarks

Chapter VII: The Work

Chapter VIII: The Thing

Chapter IX: Being-itself

Concluding Remarks



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