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Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology

Schloss Birlinghoven

53754 Sankt Augustin


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3900 Pebble Beach Drive
Niwot, Colorado, USA 80503
+1 (303) 444-2792


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Computer science & cognitive science journal publications & book sections
Perspectives on CSCL
Computer science & cognitive science conference publications
Computer science technical reports
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Bonn, Germany


ITCOLE - European Union project on "Innovative Technology for Collaborative Learning and Knowledge Building"

Recent Projects: 1997-2001

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WebGuide - web software for collaborative learning

State the Essence -  a tool for learning summarization skills

Organizational Memory / Organizational Learning - an NSF research project
Allowing Learners to be Articulate - a collaboration between L3D and ICS funded by McDonnell Foundation
Gamble Gulch: learning perspectives on the environment - a collaboration with NOAA and the Logan School for Creative Learning

CSCL 2002


Computer Support for 

Collaborative Learning 2002: 

Foundations for a CSCL Community

January 7-11, 2002
hosted by L3D at the University of Colorado at Boulder 
program chair: Gerry Stahl; Conference chair: Gerhard Fischer


Artifacts Seminar

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Special Topics in Cognitive Science -- Computer Science 7782 -- Fall 2000

"Perspectives in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL):

How Does a Cultural Artifact Embody Meaning?"


WebGuide Software

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Software for Individuals and Groups to Construct, Share and Negotiate Knowledge

The WebGuide site

Previous Software Development Projects: 1966-1996 hermes.gif (14630 bytes)
WebNet: a collaborative information environment for LAN design.
CIE: a corporate information environment to support ISO 9000 documentation management and total quality management.
Personalizable Software: independent consulting in software development, artificial intelligence and knowledge-based systems.
OptoNet: automated stabilization of holographic optics equipment for research in space.
Crew: a case-based reasoning system to model astronaut behavior on deep space missions.
TCA: a Web-based assistant for teachers to retrieve, customize and share curriculum.
Hermes: a design environment substrate to support interpretive processes of designers with hypermedia, perspectives and end-user programming.
Interface design and development.
Non-profit management software and consulting.
Systems programming and application development.

Personal Pages: Education, Family, Recreation


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MIT - B.S. in Mathematics and Humanities, 1967.
Northwestern University - Ph.D. in Philosophy, 1975.
University of Colorado - Ph.D. in Computer Science, 1993.


& Friends        

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Carol Bliss
Zake Stahl
Rusty Stahl
other family
some wired . friends




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Designing and living in a Southwestern home
Scenes from Europe
My sculpture: organic form from wood
Hiking and gardening in the desert
Biking, jogging and skiing in the Rockies
A journey to Belize

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