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Proceedings of CSCL 2011 Conference

The international conference of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) was held at Hong Kong University in Hong Kong, China, in July, 2011. The Conference Chairs were Nancy Law and Kai Ming Cheng; the Program Chairs were Hans Spada, Gerry Stahl and Naomi Miyake.

* CSCL 2011 Conference Proceedings volume I (pdf): cscl2011proceedingsI.pdf

(includes full text of all long papers)

* CSCL 2011 Conference Proceedings volume II (pdf): cscl2011proceedingsII.pdf

(includes full text of all short papers and posters)

* CSCL 2011 Conference Proceedings volume III (pdf): cscl2011proceedingsIII.pdf

(includes Keynotes, Symposia, Practitioner-Oriented Events, Pre-conference Workshops/Tutorials and Post-conference Presentations)