Happy New Year 2008!

Dear Friends,

We missed our annual tradition of sending out our holiday letter last year and we missed hearing from many of you. But we resolve to have a good year now and to keep in touch – and we hope to hear news from you as well.

We had a bittersweet two years; hereÕs the bitter. Gerry had two heart health scares (one while overseas) resulting in two unexpected heart catherizations a year ago, first placing a stent and three months later repairing it. The worst is behind us and he is doing great, back to his full work and a renewed exercise program. Although he initially had to cut back on his international travel schedule and some of our annual family treks, we did manage to have several wonderful trips and events.

The other bummer of our year was a home burglary. In the two short hours Gerry was picking me up at the airport after I volunteered for Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans, all my beloved jewelry, including my wedding ring and family heirlooms (you get the picture), were stolen. What a feeling of being violated. Sadly, we also had to say goodbye to a number of old, dear friends of the family – way too many funerals. Enough of the bitter.

Now for the sweet. Gerry continues to teach and do research at Drexel University. He is planning to do more book writing and he always has a few grant proposals in the hopper, while traveling and promoting his work around the world. Very exciting.

Carol continues to ÒworkÓ helping her parents, and is in Troy about half of the time while remaining on call the rest. Her Mom still struggles with AlzheimerÕs. Her Dad, now 91, continues to live independently at home not far from her MotherÕs (to whom he is devoted) nursing home, which he visits daily. He is still very active, drives, golfs (won a club tournament in the Fall), gardens and is very interested in life and his family. His grandson, BJ, was recently engaged, Kelly just came back from volunteering at an AIDS orphanage in Africa and Heather is coaching lacrosse at Colgate University. We managed to have several mini family reunions on both sides, celebrating birthdays and holidays. We celebrated CarolÕs decade birthday with two weeks at Cape Cod, with family and friends coming and going (see picture). We attended weddings of several friends. Carol also spent several weeks working in her friendsÕ restaurant in Maine.

Besides our Cape Cod trip, we traveled to Colorado for fun; to Arizona to see Zake, Kimlou and granddaughter Nastasja – before they moved to San Francisco; and to Florida for a conference and visits. Zake has an exciting new job and Kim hopes to break into the world of film. Younger son Rusty is still running a foundation in NYC and has a very steady GF, Dorothy, who is getting her Ph.D. at Fordham, where she works. We spent Thanksgiving Day with GerryÕs brother Alan and his partner Bill in Ossining New York. We enjoyed seeing his brotherÕs exhibit on medieval coins at Princeton where he works and hearing BillÕs tales of being the new mayor of Ossining.

We continue to be saddened by world events, both near and far, and wonder what the future holds. In the meantime we are hoping to hear from you all and maybe to see some of you in the year ahead. Be well and take care.

All our love,

Carol & Gerry

194 Lynnebrook Lane

Philadelphia, PA 19118

(215) 248-2276