Conference Papers: 2004

Collaborating with Relational References (presented at a workshop at AERA 2004, San Diego, CA)

Community-Based Learning Workshop ICLS '04, Los Angeles, CA

Video Analyst's Manifesto paper presented at ICLS '04 " Los Angeles, CA

A Model and a Game for Investigating, Designing and Teaching Collaborative Learning poster presented at ICLS '04, Los Angeles, CA

Diversity in Virtual Math Teams poster presented at ICLS '04, Los Angeles, CA

Note: most publications are available on-line (as Web html pages). Just click on the underlined links to view them. Some are also available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. This is better for printing out the document, and for viewing the graphics. If your computer has the Acrobat Reader, just click on the GetPDF.gif (1000 bytes) button next to the title of a publication.

To download and install the free Acrobat Reader, click on this button: Getacro.gif (1090 bytes).

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