Conference Papers: 2005

NAIL 2005 (December, Gothenburg, Sweden)


Gerry Stahl, Group Cognition in Chat: Methods of Interaction / Methodologies of Analysis (html or pdf)   featured presentation

ICCE 2005 (November, Singapore, Singapore)


Gerry Stahl, Sustaining Online Collaborative Problem Solving with Math Proposals (html or pdf or slides html or pdf)   winner of BEST PAPER AWARD

ProLearn 2005 (September, Bucharest, Romania)


Johann Sarmiento Stefan Trausan-Matu, Gerry Stahl, Dialogical Perspectives on Narratives in Collaborative Mathematics Problem-Solving (html or pdf)

CRIWG 2005 (September, Racife, Brazil)


Gerry Stahl, Groups, Group Cognition and Groupware (keynote talk)

EARLI 2005 (August, Nicosia, Cyprus)


Gerry Stahl, Group Cognition in Online Collaborative Math Problem Solving (full paper in html and pdf, full log, problem set, presentation slides, workshop discussant slides)

CSCL 2005 (June, Taipei, Taiwan)


Gerry Stahl, Group cognition: The collaborative locus of agency in CSCL (plenary paper)  html or pdf or ppt version

AI in Education (July, Amsterdam, Netherlands)


Murat Cakir, Fatos Xhafa, Nan Zhou & Gerry Stahl, Thread-based analysis of patterns of collaborative interaction in chat (full paper)  html or pdf version


Johann Sarmiento, Stefan Trausan-Matu, Gerry Stahl, Co-constructed Narratives in Online, Collaborative Mathematics Problem-Solving (workshop paper)  html or pdf version

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