Appendix to "Personalizing the Web" by Gerry Stahl

Table of Contents


The Need for a Personal Interface to the Web

Mechanism 1: Interactive Webs

Mechanism 2: Personal Perspectives

Mechanism 3: Navigating the Network Adaptively

Five Prototype Systems

System 1. Hermes: Tailoring to the Task

System 2. TCA: Customizing for the Classroom

System 3. PLM: Readying for Readers

System 4. CIE: Coordinating Collaboration

System 5. WebNet: Enabling Evolution

The Future




Figure 1. Hermes. From left to right the windows illustrate navigating the hypertext by choosing from a list of link types; a presentation of design rationale dynamically constructed from related texts by a query; an automated critique of the current design; the CAD workspace; a button for selecting a new perspective.

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Figure 2. The TCA interface for the Planner.

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