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Personalizing the Web
Personalizable Software
A Computational Medium for Supporting Interpretation in Design

Tech Reports

G Stahl. Personalizing the Web. Technical Report CU-CS-836-96. 1996.

G Stahl. Supporting Personalizable Learning. Technical Report CU-CS-788-95. 1995.

G Stahl. Interpretation in Design: The Problem of Tacit and Explicit Understanding in Computer Support of Cooperative Design. 1993. Ph.D. dissertation. Department of Computer Science. University of Colorado at Boulder. Technical report CU-CS-688-93. UMI dissertation services, Ann Arbor, MI, order no. 9423544. 451 + xiv pages.

G. Stahl. Computer Support for Situated, Perspectival, Linguistic Interpretation in Non-Routine Design. Abridged version of dissertation. Technical Report CU-CS-689-93. 1993.

G Stahl. A Computational Medium for Supporting Interpretation in Design. Technical Report CU-CS-598-92. 1992. 39 pages.

G Stahl. Toward a Theory of Hermeneutic Software Design: Dissertation Proposal. Technical Report CU-CS-589-92. 1992. 16 pages.

G Stahl. A Hypermedia Inference Language as an Alternative to Rule-Based Systems. Technical Report CU-CS-557-91. 1991. 23 pages.

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