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ICS Ph.D. Program

ICS has proposed a Joint Ph.D. Program in Cognitive Science.

This proposal is currently (May 1999) being resubmitted to the Regents of the University of Colorado and the Colorado Commission on Higher Education. ICS is proceeding on the assumption that this program will soon be approved and it is continuing to offer the "Readings and Research in Cognitive Science" seminar for students who are interested in starting to meet the requirements of a joint degree in their home discipline and cognitive science.

The following table is taken from page 20 of the proposal and lists the credit hour requirements for the joint doctorate:

Issues and Methodologies of Cognitive Science 3 credits (1 semester)
Readings and Research in Cognitive Science 2 credits (2 semesters)
Research Practicum 4 credits (2 semesters)
breadth & depth courses outside home depart. 12 credits
additional breadth & depth courses 9 credits

Normally, the Issues & Methods course would be taken first, early in one's doctoral studies. The Readings & Research and the Research Practicum may be taken concurrently, for two semesters. During academic year 1999/2000, the Research Practicum will be taken as an independent study, co-directed by the instructor of the Readings & Research seminar and another ICS faculty fellow. Preferably, the research will be related to the seminar theme and will be collaborative; it must involve an interdisciplinary approach and result in a publishable journal article (see Research Practicum description).

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