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We are avid open space users who enjoy hiking through the great outdoors. But we are also home owners who seek an end to the new plan by Boulder City Open Space to establish a multi-use, high traffic trail system running immediately along our back fences.


This web site includes the following:

* The text of written testimony presented at a public meeting about this issue on October 14, 1997.

* Maps of the planned trail system surrounding North Rim and of proposed alternatives for these trails.

* A forum for you to submit your thoughts on this issue and to see other responses.

* An article from the Daily Camera.

* Letters to the Editor of the Daily Camera.

* An article from the Boulder Planet.

* A letter to the Open Space Department posing questions.

* A letter to the Open Space Board of Trustees.

* Letter of endorsement from the Lake Valley Home Owners Association.

* Pictures of the trails.

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