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Biking, Jogging and Skiing in the Rockies


There are great dirt road routes for biking north of Boulder. Bob and I often do a loop up to the farming crossroads of Hygiene. In September there is the Boulder Bicycle Classic, a 100 k (62 mile) ride from near my house North. In '95 I rode with Tammy and Mike; in '96 with Bob; in '97 on my own; in '98 with Ron & Ellen.


There is a peaceful 3 mile jogging loop through the open space behind my house. I practice there for the Boulder Bolder, a 10 k (6.2 mile) run every Memorial Day weekend. I have participated in the Boulder Bolder for the past 6 years.


There is good cross-country skiing in the Rockies nearby, including groomed trails at Eldora. In winter '96-97, Carol and I spent several days at Breckinridge and Keystone with her nephew B.J. and at Crested Butte with friends Tom & Betty and Brad & Janet and their sons.

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