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Organic Form from Nature

Here is my little sculpture garden.

A terse self-critique can be found as a footnote in one of my papers.

It includes most of my sculptures in chronological order.

1. Maquette. Influenced by Moore. Plaster and paint. Frankfurt. 1970.

2. The Hand of God. Influenced by Feuerbach. Clay. Frankfurt. 1971.

3. Gelassenheit (Let it be). Black walnut. Influenced by Heidegger. Pine Run, New Jersey. 1976.

4. Twisted Sister. Cherry. Not influenced by E.T. Pine Run, New Jersey. 1977.

5. Organic Form. Plaster and mixed media. Influenced by Roger Dean. Philadelphia. 1980.

6. Atomic Power. Cyprus. Philadelphia. 1983.

7. The Owl of Minerva. Redwood. Influenced by Hegel. Niwot, Colorado. 1995. (Gift to Alan)

8. Female Torso. Cottonwood. Influenced by Bliss. Niwot, Colorado. 1995.
noses.jpg (369766 bytes)  mouth.jpg (241130 bytes)

9. Common Senses. Redwood and mixed media. Niwot, Colorado. 1996. (Gift to Zake)

10. Boulders. Redwood. Influenced by boulders in a mountain stream. Niwot, Colorado. 1996.

stone1.jpg (629241 bytes)  stone2.jpg (938896 bytes)

11. Rocky Mountain. Colorado Alabaster. Selected at the mine, near Marble, CO. 1998.

stone pair.jpg (930599 bytes)  small stone.jpg (588932 bytes)

12. A Rocky Couple. Colorado Alabaster. A chip off the old block (above). 1998.

Recent carvings from 2010 are available at: Creating new sculptures in 2010

Here is a new carving from June 2014:

cape cod 1 cape cod 2 cape cod 3

13. The Spirit of Cape Cod. Wood from the Stahl-Bliss woodlands, possibly wild cherry; base of London Plane wood also from the woodlands. 2014. Dedicated to Carol.