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Volume 18. Overview & Autobiographical Essays

This volume of my assembled texts provides an overview of the series of books in my eLibrary. These include my two doctoral dissertations and the five volumes reporting on my research published by commercial publishers: MIT Press, Springer, Morgan & Claypool Publishers, Cambridge University Press and Springer.

They also include fourteen additional volumes, which collect the best versions of my papers that were not included in the five published books. I self-published these as collections of essays in order to organize and make available my writings in convenient and accessible formats. The self-published volumes are available in PDF format for free from my website and available at cost in paperback versions; most are also available formatted for Kindle and iBook, etc.

This volume also includes autobiographical materials to provide context for the essays within the timeline of my life, work and thinking.

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(This is the best version: up-to-date, complete, full color, hi-res.)

* Download iBook version free for iPad, Mac, etc.: overview.epub

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table of contents

Part I: Introduction to My Life and Writings
1. Intro to My Life
2. Intro to My Research & Writings
Part II. Autobiographical Essays
3. Catch.Up.Me (2009)
4. Union Organizing at Temple (1975-1977)
5. Community Development in Philadelphia (1978-1985)
6. Rehabbing My First House (1980-1989)
7. A Career in Informatics (2009)
8. Glimpses of My Years at Drexel (2002-2014)
9. Retirement Activities in Chatham (2014-2001)
Part III: Autobiographical Documentation
10. My Timeline
11. Homes Where I Have Lived
12. Travels Abroad
13. Academic Conferences and Presentations
14. Education
Part IV: Overview of My E-Library
15. E-Library Volumes
16. Chronological Listing of Essays with Volume and Chapter
17. Summaries of the Volumes
18. Reflections on the Volumes
Part V. Detailed CV
Notes & Comments