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Collected Writings of Gerry Stahl

Why did I collect my writings in these volumes? As the official list of my publications approached and then exceeded two hundred distinct textual artifacts, it became difficult for me to keep track of their interrelationships. Many texts built upon previous ones in complicated ways, perhaps merging ideas from multiple sources, extending the analysis in different directions, situating common thoughts in contrasting contexts, providing updated versions or simply referencing each other.

In looking back over the titles and thinking about their contents, I realized that what I have really wanted to say with all this has still not come to word satisfactorily, and perhaps never will. But it seemed to me that it more or less circled a concept, which I gradually began to refer to as 'group cognition'. I compiled my most important writings from the decade of 1995-2005 in my first major book, Group Cognition. When I got to read this compilation in one coherent text, I felt that the volume succeeded in saying considerably more than the sum of its individual contributions.

Fearing that the sheer number of my publications--substantially increasing every year--must cause problems for my readers, assuming that they want to grasp what I am trying to say, I therefore determined to continue to assemble fragments of my published output into meaningful and synthetic collections. The second such attempt was with Studying Virtual Math Teams, which gathered together the most important writings as of 2009 about the research project that I directed from 2003-2012, including chapters by colleagues and international collaborators.

During the summer of 2010, I decided to explore self-publication, which brings with it many benefits for the author, the readers and the texts. For the author, it offers complete control and reduces the turn-around time from years to hours. For readers, it reduces the costs to nothing or to low print-on-demand fees, and offers multiple e-book formats. For the texts, it makes them available in multiple formats and allows them to be updated easily.

I have now published my collected writings, starting with my dissertations and then some early essays in philosophy. I tried to collect the best versions of all my academic writings that I consider worth republishing, and gathered them in volumes based on theme and chronology. They are all conveniently accessible from this site. I hope this allows readers to make better sense of the words that I have put on paper and/or on the computer screen. Following are links to the volumes:

Volume I. Marx and Heidegger

This was my PhD dissertation in philosophy. It presents core methodological ideas from two philosophies that influenced contemporary theory perhaps more than any other. It proposes a synthesis, which continues to guide my thinking. It reflects my understanding of philosophy and social thought in the early 1970s. 217 pages. ISBN 978-0-557-69373-3. e-ISBN 978-1-4581-7475-8.

Volume II. Tacit and Explicit Understanding

This was my PhD dissertation in computer science. It addresses the nature of group understanding within design teams and raises the question of how to design computer support for collaborative knowledge building. I completed this in 1993. 374 pages. ISBN 978-0-557-69380-1.

Volume III. Essays in Philosophy

An assembly of my early writings on philosophy, starting with an undergraduate thesis on Nietzsche; essays related to Marx, Heidegger and Adorno; informal notes on artificial intelligence and other issues. 182 pages. ISBN 978-0-557-70489-7. e-ISBN 978-1-4581-3537-7.

Volume IV. Essays in Personalizable Software

A collection of papers on software design from my research at the University of Colorado, exploring perspectives mechanisms for structured hypermedia, from 1989-2001. 294 pages. ISBN 978-1-257-07626-0. e-ISBN 978-1-4581-6708-8.

Volume V. Essays in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning

A collection of publications from 2006-2011 on issues of CSCL, including desriptions of VMT and plans for future VMT development. 206 pages. ISBN 978-1-4583-8533-8. e-ISBN 978-1-4581-9519-7.

Volume VI. Essays in Group Cognition

Planned volume: A collection of essays on issues of group cognition, which did not appear in Group Cognition or in Studies in Virtual Math Teams.

Volume VII. Proposals for Research

The narratives of my grant proposals at Colorado and Drexel that were funded, plus some modest proposals that should also have been funded. 500 pages. ISBN 978-0-557-78796-8. e-ISBN 978-1-4581-4974-9.

Volume VIII. Global Introduction to CSCL

A chapter on "CSCL: An historical perspective" by Stahl, Koschmann & Suthers, with translations into Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Romanian and German. From 2006. 196 pages. ISBN 978-0-557-69556-0. e-ISBN 978-1-4581-4779-0.

Volume IX. Introductions to IJCSCL

A compilation of the editorial introductions to the International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning from 2006-2010. 140 pages. 978-0-557-67822-8. e-ISBN 978-1-4580-4392-4.

Volume X. Group Cognition

A collection of papers about the design of collaboration software, the analysis of online interaction and the theory of group cognition. Published by MIT Press in 2006. 510 pages. ISBN 0-262-19539-9.

Volume XI. Studying Virtual Math Teams

A collection of chapters about the VMT project, including contributions by project members and international colleagues Published by Springer Verlag in 2009. 626 pages. ISBN 978-1-4419-0227-6 (hardcover). ISBN 978-1-4419-5677-4 (softcover). e-ISBN 978-1-4419-0228-3.

Volume XII. Translating Euclid: Designing a Human-Centered Mathematics

A multi-dimensional analysis of the attempt by the VMT Project from 2002-2013 to translate geometry education into a human-centered, computer-supported, collaborative-learning, dynamic-geometry pedagogy based on design research. Published by Morgan & Claypool in April 2013. 235 pages. ISBN 162705135X (softcover). e-ISBN 978-1-62705135-4 (e-book).

Volume XIII. Constructing Triangles Together: The Development of Mathematical Group Cognition

A monograph analyzing the work of a group of three students as they become introduced to dynamic geometry during eight hour-long online sessions using VMT with GeoGebra. The monograph documents the team's development of mathematical group cognition. Introductory chapters motivate the study and discuss its case-study method. Concluding chapters reflect on the group-cognitive development and its implications for re-design of the math curriculum. To be published in 2015.

Volume XIV. Topics in Dynamic Geometry for Virtual Math Teams

A workbook with topics for online small groups of teachers or students to collaboratively learn dynamic geometry. The approach is based on Translating Euclid. The many GeoGebra files used in the course are pictured in the workbook. Several versions of the workbook are available.

Proceedings of CSCL 2002

Proceedings of the International Conference of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning, which I edited as the Program Chair of the conference in Boulder, Colorado in January 2002.

Proceedings of CSCL 2011

Proceedings of the International Conference of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning, which I edited as a Program Chair (with Naomi Miyake and Hans Spada) of the conference in Hong Kong, China, in July 2011. Three volumes.

The International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning

A quarterly journal, which I founded and edited in collaboration with Friedrich Hesse since 2006.

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