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My Sculptures

Click on this link to download an interactive guide to a catalog of my works and of videos of them: link.

Works of 3-D Form

I have compiled a book with information on my sculpture and other artistic creations. There are reflections on my approach to sculpture, both aesthetic and technical. The volume concludes with a catalog of all my sculptures in chronological order. The e-book (pdf) is available for free download at: https://gerrystahl.net/elibrary/form/form.pdf. It is available for free in formats for iPad (epub), Kindle (mobi) and computer reading or printing (pdf) at: https://gerrystahl.net/elibrary/form/. It is also available for low-cost printing-on-demand in paperback from Amazon or Lulu.

Videos of some of my sculptures in motion

Click below to open a page with videos of a selection from my sculptures.
Most display the sculpture slowly turning 360 degrees.
The videos are brief -- less than a minute.

The videos help to display the 3-D form, the "opening up" of the material and the play of positive and negative space as discussed in my sculpture book.

The videos are silent. You can make the video full-screen by clicking on the square icon in the lower right corner of the video image. To return from full-screen, click on the same icon or press the ESC key.

Note: Some computer browsers cannot show these videos. If there is a "YouTube" link next to the video, clicking on this link will open the video on the YouTube site in a new tab. To return to the originating web page, you will have to select its tab of your web browser again or use the Back button. Click here to go to the YouTube library of my sculptures or click here for my sculpture playlist on YouTube. Note that the YouTube libraries are not as well organized or annotated as the pages linked to here:

Videos of some of my wood carvings. (A catalog of my wood carvings is available in the following section of this web page.)

Videos of some of my abstract ceramic sculptures, modeled in clay and fired.

Videos of some of my modernist ceramic sculptures, inspired by Rodin, Degas, Brancusi, Giacometti, Heppenworth, Moore.

Videos of some of my pre-Columbian and prehistoric ceramic sculptures, based on artifacts.

Videos of some of my realistic sculptures of the human body, based on live or photographed models.

Photos of all my wood carvings -- 1976 to 2023

Click here to open a page with photos of all my wood carvings.
Some of the carvings appear in the videos available below.

Excerpts from Sculpture Book

Here are some excerpts from Works of 3-D Form. and other topics:

Con-Struction in museum exhibit in 2023

My sculpture: Organic form from wood

Reflections: Philosophy of 3-D form

Space: Opening up 3-D form

Two neolithic owl sculptures in 2017

A cherry wood sculpture in 2015

A Greek-inspired sculpture in 2015

Creating new sculptures in 2010

An exhibit of Henry Moore's sculpture