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Family & Friends

Carol Bliss   

my wife: 1993 and 2005


the happy couple: 1992 and 2006

you can send her email

she completed her Ph.D. dissertation on "The Social Construction of Infertility by Minority Women"

Zake Stahl

my son

with his uncle Bill

you can send Zake, Kimlou and Nastasja email at their name@steelrabbit.com and see pictures of Nastasja

Their website: http://www.steelrabbit.com/

Zake turned 40 on July 18, 2008. See the site to commemorate his first 40 years.

Rusty Stahl


in January 2014 with his new bride, Sarah, networking with former President Clinton Rusty, Sarah & Clinton

my son

The GW dad says,

"My son and all my money go to George Washington U."

you can send him email

you can visit his home page

Ben Stahl

my father

you can visit his home page

Evelyn Miller Stahl

my mother

you can read her book: Patience, and Shuffle the Cards

Her book was written to share with her family the adventures of her trip to Europe at age 50. Her reflections in the book cover life, family, travel, food and culture

with her sister, my Aunt Ruth

Aunt Ruth put together a booklet on Evelyn's and her family of origin. It features my grandparents and even my greatgrandmother, how they came over from Eastern Europe, settled in a three-story building with relatives and a front stoop, and grew an extended family. Here is a digital version of The Stoop, including a large genealogical tree.

Alan Stahl

my brother, reflecting upon himself

you can send him email

view his website: http://www.mistrasparta.com/

Bill Hanauer

my brother-out-law (Alan's partner)

you can send him email

view his website: http://www.mistrasparta.com/

My extended family

at a family reunion for Ben's 80th birthday, December 22, 1995

includes the above family members, my aunt Ruth Senior, my cousin Paul Senior and his wife Luz, Bill's mother Ethel.

Zake and Kimlou stayed to bring in New Year's with us.

The birth of Nastasja -- see her web page

some wired . friends

Participants at my 50th birthday party, March 16, 1995:

Alex & Nadia Repenning

Tammy Sumner & Mike Wright

Tom Getz & Betty Finn & Adam

Linnie & Keith Pharris

Bob d'Alessandro 

Vern Christopher & Sandy Patrick

Bruce & Lela Hayes

Mat & Susan Morrison

Members of my favorite dissertation reading group:

Tamara Sumner

Jonathan Ostwald

Kumiyo Nakakoji