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Cape Bliss

Cape Bliss: Tour of Empty House: The Move

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Moving Week: June 4-11, 2016

Thursday: Load moving van -- crew of five
Thursday: Drive both cars to Beacon -- visit Rusty, Sarah, Ruby
Friday: Drive to Providence -- visit Tom & Betty
Friday: Drive to Chatham -- help contractors finish up
Saturday: Unload moving van -- crew of three
Sunday: Set up wifi and Pandora on tv -- calls to Comcast
Sunday: Entertain first guests -- Shabby & George
Monday: Set up stereo system -- follow wiring diagram
Tuesday: Repair oak table -- remove globs of glue from movers
Tuesday: Register car in MA -- with Frank & Mary
Tuesday: Entertain guests -- Frank & Mary; Grace, Jim & Donna
Wednesday: Set up triangle desk -- Create punch list for builder

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