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Perspectives on CSCL

Perspectives on CSCL:

A View from Fraunhofer—FIT:

Essays written at Schloss Birlinghoven 2001/2002

  1. Evaluation:  “Rediscovering CSCL” (in CSCL 2 book)
  2. Evaluation: “The Complexity of a Collaborative Interaction” (submitted to ISCL 2002)
  3. Evaluation: “In a Moment of Collaboration” (in preparation for CSCL 2003)
  4. Evaluation: “Understanding Educational Computational Artifacts across Community Boundaries” (in preparation for ISCRAT 2002)
  5. System Design: “WebGuide: Guiding Collaborative Learning on the Web with Perspectives” (JIME)
  6. System Design: “Groupware Goes to School” (submitted to CRIWG 2002)
  7. System Design: “Supporting Knowledge Negotiation in a Virtual Classroom” (submitted to CSCW 2002)
  8. System Design: “Negotiating Shared Knowledge in Asynchronous Learning Networks” (submitted to HICSS 2002)
  9. Theory: “A Model of Collaborative Knowledge Building, Revised” (ICLS 2000)
  10. Theory: “Introduction: Foundations for a CSCL Community” (CSCL 2002)
  11. Theory: “Contributions to a Theoretical Framework for CSCL” (CSCL 2002)
  12. "Computer Support for Collaborative Learning: Foundations for a CSCL Community. Proceedings of CSCL 2002" (CSCL 2002)
  13. Theory: “Collaboration: Shared Knowledge, Interaction and Discourse” (in preparation for OUN CSCL book)



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Stahl, G. (2001) WebGuide: Guiding collaborative learning on the Web with perspectives, Journal of Interactive Media in Education, 2001 (1). Available at: 

Stahl, G. (2002a) [accepted] Collaboration: Shared knowledge, interaction and  discourse. In J.-W. Strijbos, P. Kirschner, & R. Martens (Eds.), What We Know about CSCL in Higher Education, Kluwer, Amsterdam, NL. 

Stahl, G. (2002b) [accepted] Understanding educational computational artifacts across community boundaries, In: Proceedings of ISCRAT 2002, Amsterdam, NL.

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Stahl, G. (2002d) Introduction: Foundations for a CSCL community, In: Proceedings of CSCL 2002, Boulder, CO, pp. 1-2.

Stahl, G. (2002e) Rediscovering CSCL. In T. Koschmann, R. Hall, & N. Miyake (Eds.), CSCL2: Carrying Forward the Conversation, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Hillsdale, NJ. 

Stahl, G. (2002f) [submitted] Groupware goes to school, In: Proceedings of CRIWG 2002, La Serena, Chile.

Stahl, G. (2002g) [submitted] Negotiating shared knowledge in asynchronous learning networks, In: Proceedings of HICSS 2002, Hawaii, HA.

Stahl, G. (2002h) [submitted] The complexity of a collaborative interaction, In: Proceedings of ICLS 2002, Seattle, WA.

Stahl, G. (2003) [in preparation] In a moment of collaboration, In: Proceedings of CSCL 2003, Bergen, Norway.

Stahl, G., Ruland, R., Appelt, W., Hinrichs, E., & Woetzel, G. (2002) [submitted] Supporting knowledge negotiation in virtual classrooms, In: Proceedings of CSCW 2002, New Orleans, LA.


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