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Following are slide presentations from before I came to Drexel. More recent slide presentations are linked to from the presentations listed under "Peer-reviewed Conference Papers" and "Conference Posters, Workshops, Panels, Symposia, Tutorials, Invited Talks, Demos."

See also my videos on my YouTube channel.

bulletBuilding Knowledge Together IST Dean's Circle presentation, December 17, 2003. Including clip from Boulder public school and clip from Phila public school.
bulletPerspectives on Interaction (job talk) at Drexel University, April 30, 2001. Including A moment of collaboration 30 second video clip
bullet"It doesn't take a rocket scientist" L3D presentation April 2001. Revised analysis of SimRocket video.
bulletEuro-CSCL 2001, Maastrict, Netherlands, March 2001. Invitation to CSCL 2002. Also, E. Lenell & G Stahl paper on JIME.
bullet"It doesn't take a rocket scientist" Ethnography in Education Conference, Philadelphia, PA, March 2001. A micro-analysis of kids collaboratively learning how to build knowledge with a digital cognitive artifact. Research report on SimRocket video
bulletCILT 2000, October 2000, Washington, DC. Report on CILT project on KBE Interoperability.
bulletXML presentation to L3D, March 2000
bulletICLS 2000 Conference, Ann Arbor, June 2000, paper on "A Model of Collaborative Knowledge-Building", presented by Gerry Stahl
bulletAERA 2000  Conference, New Orleans, April 2000,  workshop on "Strategies for sustaining interaction in online discussion forums and virtual communities," co-chaired by Chris Hoadley & Gerry Stahl
bulletAERA 2000 Conference, New Orleans, April 2000, poster and presentation on "WebGuide: Encouraging & Supporting Collaborative Knowledge-Building", presentation by Gerry Stahl
bulletCSCL '99  Conference, Stanford, December 1999,  workshop on "Collaborating on the Design and Assessment of Knowledge-Building Environments in the 2000's," co-chaired by Gerry Stahl, Tim Koschmann, Marlene Scardamalia
bulletCSCL '99 Conference, Stanford, December 1999, paper presentation by Gerry Stahl
bulletLotus Workshop, Cambridge, December 1999, presentation by Gerry Stahl
bulletGroup '99 Conference, Phoenix, November 1999, paper presented by Thomas Herrmann and Gerry Stahl
bulletUniversity of Hawaii, Honolulu, October 1999, presentation by Gerry Stahl
bulletWebNet '99 Conference, Honoloulu, October 1999, paper presented by Gerry Stahl
bulletInformatics and Society, University of Dortmund, Germany, June 1999, presentation by Gerry Stahl
bulletGerman Savings Bank Association, Research Group, Bonn, Germany, June 1999, presentation by Gerry Stahl
bulletNational Research Center for Information Technology (GMD-FIT), Sankt Augustin, Germany, June 1999, presentation by Gerry Stahl
bulletNational Research Center for Information Technology (GMD-IPSI), Darmstadt, Germany, June 1999, presentation by Gerry Stahl
bulletPFU/L3D Workshop, Breckenridge, Colorado, May 1999, presentation by Gerry Stahl
bulletCILT '99 Conference, San Jose, California, April 1999, demo by Gerry Stahl
bulletAERA Conference paper presentation, April 1999.
bullet"POW! Perspectives on the Web." Meeting of the OMOL Research Group. February 1999.
bulletICLS '98 Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, December 1998, poster by Rogerio dePaula
bullet"Computer Mediation of Collaborative Learning: A Research Agenda." ICS Colloquium, November 1998.
bulletCSCW '98 Conference, Seattle, Washington, USA, November 1998, demo by Kai-Uwe Loser
bulletDCSCW '98 Conference, Dortmund, Germany, September 1998, paper presentation by Gerry Stahl (cancelled)
bulletInteraktion im Web Conference, Marburg, Germany, May 1998, paper presentation by Thomas Herrmann
bulletCILT Workshop, San Jose, California, USA, May 1998, presentation by Gerry Stahl
bulletCSCL '97 Conference, Toronto, Canada, December 1997, poster by Gerry Stahl
bullet"Three Models of Software for Articulate Learners." Retreat of the McDonnell Project, June 1997.
bullet"WebNet Goals, Accomplishments and Future Directions" Retreat of the Project on Useful & Usable Software, May 1997.
bullet"Exploring New Directions." Presentation at L3D Board Meeting, December 1996.
bulletPresentation at UWisc. in Madison, October 1996.
bulletPresentation at Symposium on Computational Support for Continually Evolving Organizational Knowledge Bases. September 1996.
bullet"Supporting Situated Interpretation" Presentation at CogSci'93 in Boulder, August 1993.
bullet"Embedding Critics in the Contexts of Design" At InterCHI'93 in Amsterdam, April 1993.