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Volume 9. Essays in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning

Essays in CSCL reports on my research in computer-supported collaborative learning, covering a broad range of topics. It begins with general reflections on the importance of CSCL as a research field, situating my work on the Virtual Math Teams Project and my theory of group cognition within the field of CSCL. It describes the VMT research project, including its research approach, technology, pedagogy and analysis methods. Mostly, it discusses in some detail the findings that have emerged from the VMT Project about the nature of online interaction in that type of CSCL setting. The volume concludes with reports of current work in the project and future directions that are underway. In this way, it elaborates, deepens and extends the presentation in my two major publications, Group Cognition (2006, MIT Press) and Studying Virtual Math Teams (2009, Springer) and prepares the broader background for the companion volume, Essays in Group Cognition (2011, Lulu).

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table of contents

Introduction to the Proceedings of CSCL 2011
Engaging with Engaged Learning
Toward a New Science of Collaborative Learning
Team Cognition in Socio-Technical Systems
Analyzing Cognition in Online Teams
Sustaining Interaction in a CSCL Environment
Synchronous Chat in CSCL
Temporality of the Joint Problem Space
Designing Problems to Support Knowledge Building
Enhancing Mathematical Communication for Virtual Math Teams
Analyzing the Discourse of GeoGebra Collaborations
Supporting Group Math with Software Conversational Agents