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Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL)

This webpage provides resources related to the research field of CSCL.
In addition, there is a webpage on the International Journal of CSCL.
Information is also available on my own CSCL research project, the Virtual Math Teams project.

Links to websites and proceedings of all CSCL conferences and some recent ICLS conferences

An Introduction to CSCL

CSCL: An Historical Perspective. by Gerry Stahl, Timothy Koschmann and Daniel Suthers based on a chapter in: R. K. Sawyer (Ed.). (2006). Cambridge Handbook of the Learning Sciences. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press -- with permission of the publisher. This chapter is intended as an introduction to CSCL. It reviews the history, provides numerous references for further study and outlines a direction for future work. The view of CSCL, its origins and its future is very much a particular perspective -- that of the authors. We felt this chapter was worth making available on a global basis, so we had it translated into a number of major world languages (thanks to Nan Zhou, Fei-Ching Chen, Hugo Fuks, Cesar Collazos, Martin Muehlpfordt and Stefan Trausan-Matu):

in American English (pdf) html

in Simplified Chinese (pdf) html

in Traditional Chinese (pdf) html

in Brazilian Portuguese (pdf) html

in Colombian Spanish (pdf) html

in German (pdf) html

in Romanian (pdf) html

in Japanese (pdf) html

These translations have been collected in one volume, which can be downloaded as pdf or for Kindle and can be purchased on-demand as a paperback.

A slightly up-dated version has been published in the second edition of the Cambridge Handbook of the Learning Sciences.

Writings on CSCL

Translating Euclid

Studying Virtual Math Teams

Group Cognition: Computer Support for Building Collaborative Knowledge

My Presentations at CSCL conferences

Proceedings of CSCL conferences

Books in the Springer CSCL Book Series

Table of Contents for the International Journal of CSCL

CSCL books available on Amazon.com

Some publications on CSCL

"Translating Euclid" published in the Morgan & Claypool series of Synthesis Lectures on Human-Centered Informatics in 2013. Contains over 300 pages of theoretical, methodological, philosophical, pedagogical and interactional analysis related to the Virtual Math Teams Project as an extended CSCL design-based research effort to create a human-centered approach to dynamic-geometry education. Details and links are available at http://GerryStahl.net/elibrary/euclid.

"Studying Virtual Math Teams" published in the Springer CSCL book series in 2009. Contains 28 essays written between 2004 and 2008 by members of the VMT research team and international collaborators. Table of content and pre-publication versions of the essays are available at http://GerryStahl.net/vmt/book.

"Group Cognition:Computer Support for Building Collaborative Knowledge" published by MIT Press in 2006. Contains 22 essays written between 1993 and 2004. Table of content and pre-publication versions of the essays are available at http://GerryStahl.net/mit.

A chronological list of over 300 publications by Gerry Stahl from 1975 to the present with links to the documents is available at http://GerryStahl.net/pub

A list of over 200 publications about the Virtual Math Teams project by members of the VMT research team and international collaborators with links to the documents is available at http://GerryStahl.net/vmt/pubs.html

Videos on CSCL

Video on group cognition in CSCL: my ISLS Webinar in December 2013 on "The Philosophy of Group Cognition"

Watch on my YouTube channel at: http://youtu.be/jv6e-4yQs2E

Videos from my talks in 2012 and 2013 on "Translating Euclid"

Go to the Euclid webpage for videos of lectures related to the book about my research from 2009-2013.

Videos from my talks at CSCL 2011 in Hong Kong and the Post-Conferences at Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing

"Seeing what we mean: Co-experiencing a shared virtual world". Proceedings pp. 534-541. Paper at http://GerryStahl.net/pub/cscl2011.pdf, slides at http://GerryStahl.net/pub/cscl2011.ppt.pdf, on YouTube at http://youtu.be/HC6eLNNIvCk.

"How a virtual math team structured its problem solving". Paper at on YouTube at http://youtu.be/0Dg02YQCQIE.

"Past, present and future of CSCL". Presented at the Knowledge Building Summer Institute 2011 and CSCL2011 post-conference at the South China Normal University, Guangzhou, China. Slides at http://GerryStahl.net/pub/cscl2011guangzhou.ppt.pdf, on YouTube in three parts at http://youtu.be/SLC8Ew8J9Hg, http://youtu.be/nrGfYnLRPgg, http://youtu.be/0rh-3FnjLp4.

"A theoretical framework for multivocal analysis". Slides at http://GerryStahl.net/pub/cscl2011workshop.ppt.pdf, on YouTube at http://youtu.be/aCwrISjDx0c.

Video on CSCL from opening keynote at ICCE 2009 in Hong Kong

"How I View Thinking and Learning in CSCL". A presentation by Gerry Stahl. Click here for: Video (60 minutes): http://GerryStahl.net/cscl/videos/icce2009stahl.wmv Text: http://GerryStahl.net/pub/icce2009keynote.pdf Slides: http://GerryStahl.net/pub/icce2009.ppt.pdf. on YouTube at http://youtu.be/h5MpUJnTipM.

Video on CSCL at Drexel 2008 and 2009

"Rethinking iEducation at the iSchool". A presentation at the iSchool annual retreat, February 28, 2009. Click here for: video (24 minutes) -- Drexel ppt slides.

"CSCL at the i-School and the Math Forum at Drexel". A research & teaching talk by Gerry Stahl on May 6, 2008. The talk was based on: Stahl, G. (2008). Human-human interaction and group learning. Paper presented at the Human-Computer Interaction Consortium, Frasier, CO. Click here for: video (one hour) -- HCIC pdf paper -- HCIC ppt slides -- Drexel ppt slides.

"Long Sequences". A research & teaching talk by Gerry Stahl on February 2, 2011. The talk was based on: Stahl, G. (2011). The Structure of Collaborative Problem Solving in a Virtual Math Team. Paper presented at the iConference 2011, Seattle, WA. Click here for: video (half hour, low quality capture of second half of talk and questions) -- pdf paper -- ppt slides.

Video from a CSCL Seminar 2006

Discussion of "Building Collaborative Knowing: A Social Theory of CSCL". Video clips from a seminar on CSCL by Gerry Stahl at Drexel University on Chapter 3 of Strijbos, et al. (2004) "What We Know About CSCL" = Chapter 15 of Stahl (2006) "Group Cognition" click here for the videos and click here for chapter

CSCL 2017 Conference

University of Pennsylvania and Drexel, Philadelphia, PA, USA.

CSCL 2015 Conference

University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden.

CSCL 2013 Conference

University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, USA.

CSCL 2011 Conference

Hong Kong University, Hong Kong, China.

Website: http://www.isls.org/cscl2011


Conference Program: http://www.isls.org/cscl2011/conf-overview.html

Conference Proceedings: http://www.isls.org/cscl2011/doc/CSCL2011ProceedingsVol1.pdf

CSCL 2009 Conference

Rhodes, Greece.

Website: http://www.isls.org/cscl2009/

CSCL 2007 logo

CSCL 2007 Conference

Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, USA.


Paper session on methodology, chaired by Gerry Stahl

Nancy Law, "A Learnable Content & Participation Analysis Toolkit for Assessing CSCL Learning Outcomes and Processes" (QuickTime video 26 min).

Peter Reimann, "Time is Precious: Why Process Analysis is Important in CSCL" (QuickTime video 34 min).

Dan Suthers, "A Framework for Eclectic Analysis of Collaborative Interaction" (QuickTime video 29 min).

Other papers

Gerry Stahl, "The Integration of Synchronous Communication across Dual Interaction Spaces" (QuickTime video 25 min).

Carolyn Rose, "Students Working in Pairs for Problem Solving" (QuickTime video 14 min).

Martin Wessner, "Interdisciplinarity in the CSCL Community: An Empirical Study" (QuickTime video 29 min).

CSCL 2005 Conference

Taipei, Taiwan.

Keynote talks

Giyoo Hatano, "A Neo-Vygotskian Approach to Collaborative Learning" (QuickTime 7 video 103 Mb).

Closing plenary paper session

Daniel D. Suthers, "Technology Affordances for Intersubjective Learning: A Thematic Agenda for CSCL" (QuickTime 7 video 53 Mb). An expanded version of this paper is available in ijCSCL.

Rupert Wegerif, "Towards a Dialogic Understanding of the Relationship between CSCL and Teaching Thinking Skills" (QuickTime 7 video 51 Mb). An expanded version of this paper is available in ijCSCL.

Gerry Stahl, "Group Cognition: The Collaborative Locus of Agency in CSCL" (QuickTime 7 video 65 Mb). An expanded version of this paper is available in Stahl (2006) Group Cognition: Computer Support for Building Collaborative Learning, MIT Press.

CSCL 2003 Conference

Bergen, Norway

Interviews conducted at the CSCL 2003 conference (QuickTime movies):

Michael Baker

Pierre Dillenbourg

Kai Hakkarainen

Paivi Hakkinen

Ulrich Hoppe

Timothy Koschmann

Berner Lindstrom

Lone Dirckinck-Holmfeld

Sten Ludvigsen

Roger Saljo

Gerry Stahl

DeLFI 2003 Conference

The first annual German conference on e-learning, Munich, Germany.

Opening keynote by Gerry Stahl (QuickTime video 2.9 Gb).

CSCL 2002 Conference

Boulder, Colorado, USA.

The Program of the CSCL 2002 conference (pdf).

The complete Proceedings of the CSCL 2002 conference (pdf, 24 Mb).

A video collage from the CSCL 2002 conference (QuickTime video 54 Mb).

Opening of the conference: Gerhard Fischer, conference chair (QuickTime video 100 Mb).

Opening of the conference: Gerry Stahl, program chair (QuickTime video 180 Mb).

CSCL 2002 Keynote Talks:

Timothy Koschmann, "Dewey's Contribution to the Foundations of CSCL Research" (Quicktime video 2.0 Gb)

Jeremy Roschelle, comments on Koschmann's keynote (Quicktime video 2.0 Gb)

Pierre Dillenbourg, comments on Koschmann's keynote (Quicktime video 0.8 Gb)

Timothy Koschmann, response and questions & answers (Quicktime video 0.6 Gb)

Yrjo Engestrom, "New Forms of Expansive Learning at Work: The Landscape of Co-Configuration", followed by comments from Roy Pea and Kai Hakkarainen (Quicktime video 4.0 Gb)

Euro-CSCL 2001 Conference

Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Keynote talk by Paul Dourish (QuickTime video 2.0 Gb).

CSCL 1997 Conference

Toronto, Canada.

Program and videos

Some links to CSCL resources:

ijCSCL: The International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning

ISLS: The International Society of the Learning Sciences

More websites with CSCL resources

This link is to a summary of the basic theoretical views to CSCL: http://www.edb.utexas.edu/csclstudent/Dhsiao/theories.html#what

Lester (Learning Science and Technology Repository) is an online community and database focused on innovations in learning science and technology: http://lester.rice.edu/DesktopDefault.aspx?tabindex=0&tabid=1

CSCL for novices: http://fcis.oise.utoronto.ca/~nzhao/ctl1605/Definitions.html

ICCE 2006 tutorial: Introduction to CSCL

ICCE 2006 workshop: Asia-Pacific CSCL research community