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Gerry's Personal and Biographical Web

Gerry in woods

My personal webpage includes a number of topics, especially current activities during my retirement.
More detail on these topics can be found at pages focused on my study of the salt marshes in Chatham and my works of sculpture.
For further discussion of topics from my life and work, see volume 18.Overview and Autobiographical Essays..
My CV documents my academic life in some detail.

Preserving Chatham's Salt Marshes

Since retiring to Cape Cod, I have been fascinated by the salt marshes, which are an important part of the local environment in many way.

I joined the Board of the local land trust, the Chatham Conservation Foundation, in 2017.
I was its Treasurer and served on its Executive Committee.
As chair of the Technology Committee, I updated the accounting system and the membership database.
To promote environmental restoration and preservation in the face of climate change, I started a Salt Marsh Task Force, which I chaired until I resigned from the Foundation in November 2021.

A year later, I joined the Energy and Climate Action Committee of the Town of Chatham, through appointment by the Select Board in September 2022. ECAC had determined that its major priority is to help preserve Chatham's salt marshes.
In October 2022, ECAC submitted a proposal I developed for a grant to support this effort.
In November and December 2022, I began to prototype a GIS map to identify potential migration areas for salt marshes in Chatham to migrate to in response to the rise of sea level and increasing storm intensity from climate change.
My work on ECAC is documented on my webpage about Preserving Chatham's Salt Marshes


a sketchy overview of my life for those who missed significant segments

(pdf 1.3 mb)

a career in informatics

my relationship with computers, from toys to artifacts for philosophical reflection

(pdf 3 mb)

community development in Philadelphia

a history of the Southwest Germantown CDC (1978-1985)

(pdf 350 kb)

glimpses of my years at Drexel

some photos while I was a professor at Drexel University

retirement from Drexel

I became an emeritus professor and had retirement events at Drexel and CSCL 2015

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MIT, Heidelberg, Frankfurt, Northwestern, Colorado


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Family & Friends

Carol Bliss, Rusty, Zake, Kimlou, Nastasja, Alan, Bill Hanauer, Ben, Evelyn

Christmas/New Year letters: 1999/2000, 2007/08, 2008/09, 2009/2010, 2010/2011, 2011/2012, 2012/2013, 2013/2014


Cape Bliss: construction of our house on Cape Cod (2015-present)

Lynnebrook Lane home in Philadelphia (2003-2016)

A temporary house in Philadelphia (2002-2003)

A piece of the desert (future site?)

Our home by Boulder (1993-2002)

Designing and living in a Southwestern home

Homes where I have lived

My websites: www.GerryStahl.net, www.GerryStahl.name, www.GerryStahl.org
My email addresses: Gerry@GerryStahl.net, Gerry.Stahl@Gmail.com, Gerry@MathForum.org, Gerry@ijCSCL.org, Gerry.Stahl@Drexel.edu


A tab for my Sculpture is listed at the top of this page. It includes YouTube videos of selected sculptures.

I published a book of all my sculpture and related art: Works of 3-D Form. The book includes some of the discussions listed below.

Con-Struction in museum exhibit in 2023

My sculpture: Organic form from wood

Reflections: Philosophy of 3-D form

Space: Opening up 3-D form

Two neolithic owl sculptures in 2017

A cherry wood sculpture in 2015

A Greek-inspired sculpture in 2015

Creating new sculptures in 2010

An exhibit of Henry Moore's sculpture


Hiking and gardening in the desert

Biking, jogging and skiing in the Rockies

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My travels abroad

My academic conferences and presentations

A journey to Belize in 1997

Lake Powell (2014, 2006 & 2002)

A thanksgiving in California in 2009

A conference in Hong Kong in 2009

20th anniversary sailing the Greek cycladic islands, May 2010