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Works of 3-D Form

I have compiled a book with information on my sculpture and other artistic creations. There are reflections on my approach to sculpture, both aesthetic and technical. The volume concludes with a catalog of all my sculptures in chronological order. The e-book (pdf) is available for free download at: https://gerrystahl.net/elibrary/form/form.pdf. It is available for free in formats for iPad (epub), Kindle (mobi) and computer reading or printing (pdf) at: https://gerrystahl.net/elibrary/form/. It is also available for low-cost printing-on-demand in paperback from Amazon or Lulu.

Videos of some of my sculptures

Click here to open a page with videos of some of my sculptures.
The videos are brief -- mostly less than a minute -- and silent.
They display the sculpture slowly turning 360 degrees, to provide a sense of its 3-D form.

Photos of all my wood carvings -- 1976 to 2021

Click here to open a page with photos of all my wood carvings.
Some of them appear in the videos mentioned above.

Excerpts from Sculpture Book

Here are some excerpts from Works of 3-D Form. and other topics:

My sculpture: organic form from wood

2 neolithic owl sculptures in 2017

A cherry wood sculpture in 2015

A Greek-inspired sculpture in 2015

Creating new sculptures in 2010

An exhibit of Henry Moore's sculpture