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Volume 13. Essays in Collaborative Dynamic Geometry

The essays in this volume are about the Virtual Math Teams project during its later years when it included a multi-user version of GeoGebra, supporting collaborative dynamic geometry. These essays supplement the more systematic presentations in Translating Euclid and Constructing Dynamic Triangles Together.

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table of contents

Multi-User GeoGebra for Virtual Math Teams
Designing a Learning Environment to Promote Math Discourse
Supporting Group Cognition, Individual Learning and Community Practices in Dynamic Geometry
Evaluating Significant Math Discourse in a Learning Environment
Tracing the Change in Discourse in a Collaborative Dynamic Geometry Environment: From Visual to More Mathematical
Constructing Knowledge: A Community of Practice Framework for Evaluation in the VMT Project
Dragging as a Referential Resource for Mathematical Meaning Making in a Collaborative Dynamic-Geometry Environment
Collaborative Exploration of Geometric Dependencies in Dynamic Geometry
Working Group: Developing Comprehensive Open-Source Geometry Curricula using GeoGebra