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Volume 16. Editorial Introductions to ijCSCL

The interdisciplinary field of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) explores ways of making learning more engaging, stimulating, and effective by promoting collaboration among learners through the use of computer networking, simulations, and computational support. This volume reproduces the editorial introductions to the International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (ijCSCL) since its beginning in 2006.
The introductions situate the articles in each quarterly issue within current CSCL research activity and highlight the unique perspectives and important contributions of the included papers. The introductions also present reflections on topics of CSCL theory and methodology, providing concise contributions of their own. Written in different styles, the introductions as an ensemble provide a lively, stimulating introduction to the CSCL research field as it has grown over the years.

The introductions were written by Gerry Stahl in collaboration with the Executive Editors of ijCSCL, Friedrich Hesse, Nancy Law, Sten Ludvigsen and Ulrike Cress. The journal was established by the international CSCL research community in 2005 and began publication through Springer in 2006. The CSCL community is active around the world and supports the journal though an Editorial Board of about 50 leading researchers and another 100 regular reviewers. ijCSCL is an official publication of the International Society of the Learning Sciences.

In September 2010, the ISI Web of Science released its annual report that ijCSCL has an impact factor of 2.692, the second highest impact factor of the 139 ISI-indexed journals in the category “Education and Educational Research.” This was the first time that ijCSCL was rated by ISI. The rating reflected ijCSCL articles published in 2007 and 2008.

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The volume now includes editorial introductions from all the quarterly issues of the journal from 2006 through 2015. That is 39 essays.