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Volume 17. Proposals for Research

The purpose of this volume is to share the proposals that I have made for research, including first of all those that have been funded and have allowed me to engage in an active research agenda, both at the University of Colorado in Boulder as a Research Professor and at Drexel University in Philadelphia as an Associate Professor.

Writing effective, competitive grant proposals is a delicate business. First, one has to conceive of a program of research that one would like to undertake and that is reasonable to attempt under the proposed conditions. Then, one must convince the funding source and their reviewers that the funding proposal should be accepted. This must be accomplished with a written document of restricted form, content and length.

Preparing a proposal is a challenging writing task, requiring project planning, persuasive presentation and organized narrative. In many ways it is like writing a professional research report for a journal, such as one would compose near the end of the prospective funded project, but it needs to include more than just the concept, theory, literature review and analysis. It also needs to demonstrate why the person or group proposing is the right one to do the job and detail how the work is expected to be accomplished with the requested resources.

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table of contents

Part I: Grants Awarded at Drexel University
DR K-12: Computer-Supported Math Discourse Among Teachers and Students
ONR: Theories and Models of Group Cognition
ALT: Dynamic Support for Virtual Math Teams
SLC: Engaged Learning in Online Communities
ITR: Catalyzing & Nurturing Online Workgroups to Power Virtual Learning Communities
NSDL: Collaboration Services for the Math Forum Digital Library

Part II: Other Proposals at Drexel University
DR K-12: Computer-Supported Math Discourse Among Teachers and Students
ROLE: Studying Online Collaborative Learning at the Math Forum
Foundations: Educational Online Communities for At-Risk Youth

Part III: Grants Awarded at the University of Colorado
New Media to Support Collaborative Knowledge Building: Beyond Consumption and Chat
Interoperability among Knowledge-Building Environments
Conceptual Frameworks and Computational Support for Organizational Memories and Organizational Learning
Allowing Learners to be Articulate: Incorporating Automated Text Evaluation into Collaborative Software Environments

Part IV: Other Proposals at the University of Colorado
Perspectives on Collaboration: A Micro-ethnographic Study of Computational Perspectives in Computer Support for Collaborative Knowledge Building at a Virtual Biology Laboratory
Information Technology for Distributed Collaborative Learning in a Virtual Biology Lab
The Role of Computational Cognitive Artifacts in Collaborative Learning and Education
Perspectives on Collaborative Knowledge Building
Collaborative Research on Knowledge-Building Environments: Growing a National and International Research Community for Distance Learning Information Technology
IT Support for Knowledge Building in Workgroups
Models for Organizing Collaboration: Ways of Supporting Distributed Learning
POW! (Perspectives On the Web)
Perspectives On the Web (POW!)
The Research CyberStudio: Supporting Researchers as LifeLong Learners