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Volume 11. Essays in Philosophy of Group Cognition

The essays in this volume seek to address foundational questions related to the concept of group cognition. This concept emerged in the writing of (Stahl 2006a), where the theoretical themes of the present volume were already discussed, mainly in Part III, especially Chapter 16. Empirical studies of group cognition in the Virtual Math Teams (VMT) project involving problems of combinatorics were presented in (Stahl 2009), where Part IV focused on conceptualizing group cognition in VMT. When the VMT project switched to dynamic geometry as its mathematical domain, (Stahl 2013e) included Chapter 8 on theory, including both a theory of referential resources and reflections on shared understanding. Finally, (Stahl 2016) provided a detailed longitudinal case study oriented toward the adoption of group practices as providing preconditions for group cognition.

The present volume includes essays that attempted to address the philosophical issues raised in the more general publications. In particular, philosophy of group cognition should tackle the following questions:<

Question (a) seeks a definition or description of group cognition: What are its characteristics and how does it differ from (or relate to) other forms of cognition, such as individual cognition and social cognition? Question (b) inquires about what the necessary preconditions are that allow for group cognition, such as shared understanding.

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table of contents

Conceptualizing the Intersubjective Group
Seeing What We Mean: Co-experiencing a Shared Virtual World
The Group as Paradigmatic Unit of Analysis: The Contested Relationship of CSCL to the Learning Sciences
From Intersubjectivity to Group Cognition
The Constitution of Group Cognition
Ethnomethodologically Informed
Cognizing mediating: Unpacking the Entanglement of Artifacts with Collective Minds
Supporting Group Cognition in an Online Math Community: A Cognitive Tool for Small-group Referencing in Text Chat
Group Cognition in Computer-Assisted Collaborative Learning
Computer-Supported Academically Productive Discourse