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Retirement from Drexel

I transitioned from working as a teaching professor and became a Full Research Professor effective September 1, 2012, allowing me to devote full time for two years to research on the Virtual Math Teams Project, before retiring. I then officially retired on August 31, 2014. I continued to be active in the CSCL research community, publishing my own work through early 2016 and continuing to serve as Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning through December 2015. While I was Research Professor, we conducted important VMT sessions and ported our multi-user dynamic-geometry system to the iPad tablet. I wrote and published my third book, "Translating Euclid." During my first year of retirement, I wrote and published my fourth book, "Constructing Dynamic Triangles Together." I then revised and self-published my e-library of 14 volumes of my aggregated texts, which supplement my four major published books.

Ceremony Honoring Retirement at CSCL 2015 Conference

June 9, 2015

YouTube video of event at CSCL 2015 honoring my work in the research field. The ceremony took place at the social event at the international conference in Gothenburg, Sweden. The event was organized and hosted by Carolyn Rose. Testimonials were given by Gerhard Fischer, Tim Koschmann, Stefan Trausan-Matu, Sean Goggins and Ulrike Cress. (14 min.)

At the CSCL 2015 ceremony, a slide show was displayed, including contributions from the Math Forum, KMRC and colleagues who could not be present to speak. The slideshow is available here.

Retirement Party at the College of Computing and Informatics

June 9, 2014

Awarded Professor Emeritus status

May 14, 2014

receiving Emeritus Professor status from Provost