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Welcome to the WebGuide site!

WebGuide is a web-based application to support collaborative knowledge building. It explores the use of perspectives and negotiation.

WebGuide was designed, implemented and tested by Gerry Stahl and colleagues at the University of Colorado. In 1998/99, WebGuide was piloted with middle school students at the Logan School for Creative Learning in Denver. In Spring '99 it was used in an advanced graduate seminar on "Readings in Cognitive Science," and in Fall '00 in an advanced interdisciplinary graduate seminar on "Perspectives in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning."

Here are some links to related information:

bulletA site for the "Research in Cognitive Science" course for Fall '99. 
bulletA site for the "Readings in Cognitive Science" course in Spring '99. 
bulletA site for the "Perspectives in CSCL" course in Fall '00. 
bulletA list of presentations & publications about WebGuide.


The WebGuide software

go to WebGuide to discuss readings, video, etc. (you will have to download the Java 1.2 or 1.3 browser plug-in)

go to short download of WebGuide go to short download of WebGuide (you will have to download the Java Swing library)

user manual for WebGuide  -- This manual provides an introduction to WebGuide and explains how to use its functions.

WebGuide start-up instructions  -- look here for information about setting up your computer to run WebGuide.

Other information sources

(for the seminar on Perspectives in CSCL)

list of readings and bibliography

list of participants

introductory narrative of SimRocket sessions

detailed log of SimRocket video Tape A

detailed log of SimRocket video Tape B

video clips & transcripts of SimRocket sessions

run SimRocket simulation

instructions for SimRocket experiment

student data from SimRocket experiment

the role of computational cognitive artifacts in a CSCL seminar

artifacts and the foundations of L3D

Artifact-Mediated Cognition by Gerry

Notes on Clip #6 (extended) by Gerry

Gestures, Knowledge and the World by Curt

(for the seminar on Research in Cognitive Science)

go to working paper on KBEs -- click here for a draft theory on collaborative knowledge-building environments.

go to KBE DynaClass -- click here to read or enter discussion on seminar issues.

go to Sources -- click here to read or enter literature references.

go to DynaGloss -- click here to read or enter glossary terms.

go to Community Space -- click here to meet seminar members.

go to Knowledge Network -- click here for CILT's Knowledge Network.

go to JIME -- click here to go to the review article in JIME.

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