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Volume 20. Works of 3-D Form

This volume contains information on my sculpture and other artistic creations. There are reflections on my approach to sculpture, both aesthetic and technical. The volume concludes with a catalog of all my sculptures in chronological order.

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* Download PDF free for reading online or printing: form.pdf
(This is the best version: up-to-date, complete, full color, hi-res.)

The e-book format of this volume allows me to continuously add new items to the catalog and other chapters as I produce more. The PDF version is available here for free, containing the figures in full color. Viewing the PDF allows searching the text and zooming in on details of the sculptures. Several versions of the book are available:

* Download iBook version free for iPad, Mac, etc.: form.epub

* Download MOBI version free for Kindle: form.mobi

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table of contents


1. Sculpture: 3-D Form from Wood

2. Ceramics: 3-D Form from Clay

3. Furniture: 3-D Form for Utility

4. Architecture: 3-D Form for Living

5. Theoretical Reflections on 3-D Form

6. The Process of Sculpting: 3-D Form from Wood

7. Chronological Catalog of Sculptures

videos of sculptures

Click here for information on videos of many of the sculptures rotating in 3-D.