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Gerry's Previous Software Development Projects: 1966-1998

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Gerry Stahl's Previous Software

Development Projects: 1966-1998

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CO-PI, Organizational Memory and Organizational Learning (OMOL) Project

1997-2000 Center for LifeLong Learning & Design, University of Colorado

Co-managed an effort to explore group memory support and computer mediation of collaborative learning through a variety of investigations. Below is information about some of the short-term explorations. Continuing projects are described under Projects, Readings, and WebGuide:

bulletAstroQuest: mock-up of a game for exploring the solar system and constructing knowledge using the web.
bulletSimRocket: a simulation of rocket launches used to support collaborative learning by 6th graders about data analysis.
bulletLocations: mock-up of an interface to an organizational memory of weather station locations around the world and their identification codes.
bulletMedGuide: mock-up of a version of WebGuide for collaborative learning by medical students.
bulletNorth Rim/Lake Valley Trails Committee: organizational memory of a community campaign for well-conceived open space trails.
bulletWebInquiry: a threaded discussion on the question, "Does the Web Support Student Inquiry?"
bulletLatent Semantic Analysis: click here for general info on LSI/LSA.

WebNet Design Environment

a design environment for computer network design, including a collection of relevant information sources, a design simulation with critiquing and a repository of shared simulation components.

bulletWebNet: a design environment for computer network (LAN) design.
bulletThe Elmo Project: a collaborative information environment for computer network (LAN) management.


1996-1997 Center for LifeLong Learning & Design, University of Colorado

Co-managed a group of post-docs, visiting researchers, graduate students and a four-person senior project engaged in research and prototype development to support the design and maintenance of computer local area networks (LANs).

Corporate Information Environment (CIE)

a collaboration environment to support ISO 9000 documentation management and total quality management.


1996 Black Labs, Boulder, Colorado

Developed a prototype system for presentation to venture capital sources. The system was designed to support companies seeking ISO 9000 certification to develop documentation of all procedures through a collaborative process involving multiple personal and group perspectives on evolving document drafts.

Personalizable Software


1995- 1996 Personalizable Software, Inc., Boulder, Colorado

Independent consulting in software development, artificial intelligence and knowledge-based systems, including a student services system for the Baltimore Public School District.

Design and development of computer software to enhance the work of professionals and teams:

bulletAssessment of opportunities for effective computer support.
bulletAnalysis and refinement of knowledge and information flows.
bulletEvaluation and customization of commercial packages.
bulletDesign of computer systems with user participation.
bulletIncorporation of latest technologies where appropriate, especially:
bulletartificial intelligence
bulletinformation retrieval
bulletWorld Wide Web
bullethuman-computer interaction
bulletImplementation of software, stressing user testing.
bulletInstallation, training, support, maintenance, enhancements.
bulletTailoring of system to personal preferences and professional roles.

OptoNet Holographic Stabilizer


1993-1996 Owen Research Inc., Boulder, CO

Automated stabilization of holographic optics equipment for research in space. Project research included visual programming of a neural network and alternative feedback algorithm to supervise controls of an adaptive optics system that stabilizes a laser interferometer for crystal growth research in space. Software feedback system in Labview tested in zero-g on KC-135 flights at NASA.

NASA Crew Simulation

The CREW system predicts psychological factors of astronauts based on previous missions, personal characteristics and a statistical model


1993-1996 Owen Research Inc., Boulder, CO

Developed case-based reasoning system for use by NASA in astronaut crew selection. AI programming using time-series statistical modeling, results of small group behavioral studies, dynamic memory and fuzzy logic in LISP/CLOS and FOXPRO on Macintosh and Windows computers. Installed system at Johnson Space Center.

Read my paper on this project: "Armchair Missions to Mars"

Teacher's Curriculum Assistant (TCA)

TCA allows teachers to browse the Internet efficiently for educational resources and curriculum that meets a profile of their needs.


1993-1996 Owen Research Inc., Boulder, CO

Designed and prototyped the Teacher's Curriculum Assistant (TCA), an Internet browser for teachers to locate, download, adapt and use educational resources and sample curriculum. Developed in FOXPRO. Show-cased at Apple Computer.

Read my paper on this project: "Share Globally, Adapt Locally"

Hermes Design Environment

The LUNAR HABITAT DESIGN ENVIRONMENT supports innovative design with computational hypermedia including a proprietary perspectives mechanism and an end-user programming language.


1989-1993 University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

Developed technologies for object-oriented design environment. A series of research projects sponsored by Colorado Advanced Software Institute focused on intelligent hypermedia system, mechanism for personal perspectives, and end-user programming language for design rationale navigation that included sophisticated query language with inferencing. The custom OODBMS incorporated virtual copying for efficient inheritance of object versions. Interviewed and videotaped engineers in NASA subcontractor. The resulting code is now being used for NASA.

Dissertation research explored computer support for interpretation processes of professionals, including implementation of a software design environment for lunar habitat designers using innovative AI technologies.

Read my Ph.D. dissertation: "Interpretation in Design: The Problem of Tacit and Explicit Understanding in Computer Support of Cooperative Design"

Interface design and development


1990-1991 US West Advanced Technology, Denver & Boulder, CO

Worked in research labs of major telecommunications corporation with a team developing a database modeling system for company-wide re-systemization. Designed and programmed the GUI using C++ on Sun workstations.

Non-profit management software and consulting


1985-1989 Community Computerization Project, Philadelphia, PA

Founded and ran a consulting service for non-profit agencies, including community development corporations, neighborhood organizations, credit unions, energy conservation services, women's groups, Head Starts, university research institutes, and charitable organizations. Programmed custom database systems using dBase and Foxpro on IBM PCs for client transaction tracking, fund accounting, and fund-raising. Conducted organizational needs assessments for computerization and general management. Installed hardware and custom or commercial software systems and trained personnel in their use.


1984-1985 Institute for Study of Civic Values, Philadelphia, PA

Initiated and directed a service for non-profit and community organizations interested in computerization. Taught classes, conducted needs assessments, installed hardware and software, developed custom systems.

Systems programming and application development


1974-1977 Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

1970-1971 Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

1969-1970 Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

Systems programmer/analyst for CDC 6400 mainframes used for academic time-sharing and administrative computing. Maintained operating system and developed system utilities, including peripheral drivers and an accounting and allocation system for computer resources.


Summer 1966 Brown Bovari Cie, Baden, Switzerland

Summer 1965 University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Developed Fortran and assembly language programs for research on the political system in India and on the distribution of electro-magnetic fields surrounding odd-shaped conductors.

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