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Gerry's Personal and Biographical Web

Gerry in Athens


a sketchy overview of my life for those who missed significant segments

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a career in informatics

my relationship with computers, from toys to artifacts for philosophical reflection

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glimpses of my years at Drexel

some photos while I was a professor at Drexel University

retirement from Drexel

I became an emeritus professor and had retirement events at Drexel and CSCL 2015

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MIT, Heidelberg, Frankfurt, Northwestern, Colorado


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Family & Friends

Carol Bliss, Rusty, Zake, Kimlou, Nastasja, Alan, Bill Hanauer, Ben, Evelyn

Christmas/New Year letters: 1999/2000, 2007/08, 2008/09, 2009/2010, 2010/2011, 2011/2012, 2012/2013, 2013/2014


Cape Bliss: construction of our house on Cape Cod (2015-present)

Lynnebrook Lane home in Philadelphia (2003-2016)

A temporary house in Philadelphia (2002-2003)

A piece of the desert (future site?)

Our home by Boulder (1993-2002)

Designing and living in a Southwestern home

Homes where I have lived

My websites: www.GerryStahl.net, www.GerryStahl.name, www.GerryStahl.org
My email addresses: Gerry@GerryStahl.net, Gerry.Stahl@Gmail.com, Gerry@MathForum.org, Gerry@ijCSCL.org, Gerry.Stahl@Drexel.edu


My sculpture: organic form from wood

2 neolithic owl sculptures in 2017

A cherry wood sculpture in 2015

A Greek-inspired sculpture in 2015

Creating new sculptures in 2010

An exhibit of Henry Moore's sculpture


Hiking and gardening in the desert

Biking, jogging and skiing in the Rockies

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My travels abroad

My academic conferences and presentations

A journey to Belize in 1997

Lake Powell (2014, 2006 & 2002)

A thanksgiving in California in 2009

A conference in Hong Kong in 2009

20th anniversary sailing the Greek cycladic islands, May 2010